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SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair shop location

About SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair

We at SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair have been serving the Los Angeles County area for over 50 years in truck repair, truck service, RV repair and trailer repair. We are proud to be family owned, and we treat every customer like family! We at SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair understand that you can't just have a repair issue, you are in a situation. We have 50 years' experience in not just repairing vehicles, but most importantly in resolving your situation. We just don't know how to work any other way!

Our History

Samuel Eugene Smith and his two sons Craig and Lance had a thing for fixing cars. They were always fascinated in the operations of how cars work. They started out by fixing neighbors and friends cars out of their own home. After so many referrals about the performance of their work, great personalities, and loyal guys they soon became too busy, it was time to open a real shop. Early 1962 Sam found the perfect shop in Glendora, CA just off of Arrow Hwy. The shop was named S.E. Smith and Sons. Then one day the boys had a vision, a vision of working on diesels, tractors, and trailers. After many years of planning and visioning which would best fit their lifestyle, they began to market for commercial and fleet vehicles. When they received their first big fleet account there was no turning back. From there on S.E. Smith and Sons became very well known for their quality of work and their trustworthy team. Unfortunately Lance passed away in the year of 1996, and Samuel passed in 2008. Craig continued to grow the business with the help of his daughter Nicole. They now have a shop in Azusa, CA, a much larger shop. Their vision is to continue the family business, reputation, and history of the shop.

A Message from Craig

“I personally want to thank you for your business. My staff and I want to make sure that it ended in a way more than just a repair; we want you to be satisfied. I want to make sure you’re not in a situation anymore and you leave with a good ole hand shake. Thank you again."
– Craig

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to assure you that you can trust and count on us when you need us the most. We have well trained technicians to keep your vehicles safe out there on the road. Your vehicle is your way of traveling, transport, and work. We do understand that broke-down vehicles are not only a problem, but can put you in a major situation. We fix more than your broke truck, we resolve your situation. With our friendly staff we keep close communication every step of the way. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the entire job, from start to finish. Our reputation is important, so communication is the key to us. We are known around the area as your one stop truck repair shop.

Qualifications & Experience

At SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair we're serious about ensuring that you get back on the road rapidly, without compromising your safety. We maintain the highest level of qualifications to ensure that your service and repairs are always completed fast and efficiently.

  • ASE Master Truck Tech
  • ASE Master Auto Tech
  • International Factory Trained

The SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair Team

Craig Smith
Shop Supervisor
ASE Master Certified (Truck & Auto)

Enrique Cuevas
Master Mechanic

Gary Dahle
Service Manager

Lalo Hernandez
Shop Foreman

Cristian Calleros

Abraham Cuevas

Francisco Lopez

Yomayra Salazar
Service Writer

Nicole Smith
Office Manager

Raul Marquez

We're About You—The Customer

At SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair, we provide numerous services to ensure that your truck, trailer and RV repairs are convenient and fast:

  • Fleet Truck Service: BIT and DOT Inspection
  • Computer Diagnostics: 7 Factory Scanners, Programming, ABS
  • …And much more. Check out our Services page for a full list.

Call us today at (626) 815-9700!
The SE Smith & Sons Mobile Truck Repair Team